Samsung Galaxy A10s


The Galaxy A10S represents a small improvement over the Galaxy A10, mainly because it comes with a larger capacity battery (4,000mAh instead of 3,400mAh) and a fingerprint reader that is located on the back, a feature that was not present in the another model.

The cell phone continues with the same style of the other Samsung cell phones of the A series, as it integrates a screen with relatively small bezels.

Unlike high-end cell phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Plus that integrate the front camera through a hole in the screen, the Galaxy A10S has a drop-like eyebrow on the screen. Although this is less updated to the latest fashion, keep in mind that this Android phone is much cheaper and does not have the need to offer something like that.

Still, the screen on the Galaxy A10S is large – 6.2 inches. The downside is that as it has an HD resolution (1,520×720 pixels) it is possible that not all kinds of content look as pleasant as many of us would like, but enough to offer a relatively good experience.



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