LG Velvet 5g




LG VELVET has a unique finish that shines in such a way that it simulates the reflections of the color of velvet. The slim, ergonomic design features a vertically arranged triple chamber inspired by the subtlety of falling water droplets.
The 17.3cm (6.8 ”) widescreen OLED screen with the exact aspect ratio of 20.5: 9 is perfect for enjoying your favorite movies to the fullest. The proportion of the screen combined with the stereo speaker achieve a totally immersive and unique experience.
You will always have the perfect sound. AI Sound analyzes more than 17 million sounds to recognize what you are listening to and apply the ideal audio settings. You will hear the news clearer, the music more intense and the movies more realistic.
Add a second screen for enhanced true multitasking thanks to 5G. Use two apps simultaneously, play games while watching a video or chat with a friend while watching a movie.